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MSA east of ALMA, GA

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Well-known member
Feb 20, 2009
Does any one know why the VOR in Alma, Ga is not usable below 10,000' on the East side? it isnt for terrain, and it isnt for airspace as the MOCA is 1700' and the MEA for GPS is 3000'.... any idea? anyone from the area with some insight? I'm just curious what could be in the way blocking the signal.

Well looking at google satellite maps, and terrain maps there does not appear to be any obstructions. The TACAN is good above 3000, and the DME is good as well. The limitations on the VOR don't much affect the airways coming into the station as all the ones requiring the station for course guidance do show a 10000 MEA.

All the MOCAs are around 1700 like you said. I wonder if it the Navaid was built primarily for military, and high altitude use in mind? It is listed as a high altitude VOR.

Makes you go, hmmm.

Oh, one last thing, the equipment may be so old that this is all they can guarantee. Like you said though you can still do 3000 as GPS equipped.
yes.. so now that you are up to speed... any answers? It's killing me because some of my sharper students are asking me and I don't know...
I would guess it has to do something with the Restricted Military Areas.

which is why they let you fly through it at 3000' using GPS? we've scratched that one off the list... but thanks for trying. any others?

how bout this... who would be the source to call for this kind of question? the FSDO? just doesn't seem like the right place to start

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