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Mra C208

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Tired Member
Jan 23, 2003
Anyone have any new word about N9505B. Sounds like the engine tried to eat a bird. That plane is awesome. Survives a mid-air and now lives through a forced landing off airport. Always liked that plane.

Pilot did a great job... any who know his/her initials?
Good for NZ; glad to see he came out well. Nice guy.

And you're right, I forgot about the DRT tornado. That's a tough old bird.

Thanks for the replies.
9505Bates! Boy does that bird bring back some memories.... I remember her sitting in McAlester waiting for a wing. Somewhere in my pile of pictures I've got 9505 with the wing bent from the collision.

N1116W use to be my bird, and it was a bird magnet. I took one in the engine, one in the windscreen, one on the left side of the cowl, and one that broke out the recog light on the left wing. I hear that poor bird is a piece of crap nowdays, but she was in top shape six years ago.