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Moving Violations


Sea Plane Pilots Assoc
May 22, 2002
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During then last few months I have been reading about various traffic violations, and have a question way back when I was 17 teen wound up getting my DL. suppened to many points , thats over 30 yrs ago, a DUI reduced to careless over 20 yrs ago.

Question the points did not stop me from getting a governement clearance to work on the space program in 1983 in a lawenforcement capacity.

Also how far back to airlines go for employement checks?

PM. Any constructive answers will be appreciated.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Traffic violations

I'd say that as long as you've kept your nose clean and learned from the experience that no one will care particularly about your record from 20-30 years ago, especially if you were a teenager at the time.

You should emphasize your NASA security clearance in the Personal Information section of your resume because that is a plus under any circumstances.

You most certainly should order all your state driving records and your NDR transcript from http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/perform/driver . Maybe court records from your suspension and DUI as well. That way, you have information that others can find out about you and that helps level the playing field.

Good luck with your job search.