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Mountain Air Cargo

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Well-known member
Mar 4, 2002
I am new to this message board. Does anyone know if Mountain Aircargo is looking for pilots? I have flown the SH330 for another 135 operation. Just wondering if they hire with previous experience on the type? I have applied with them but no joy. I am a Furlough from Eagle. Basicaly looking for any kind of flying job that i could get. Any kind of lead will be greatly appreciated:) thanks in advance.
I tried there once also in December..No luck for me either, but I didn't have any time in their a/c... Good luck to you


Hay Crjflyer,
Congrats on your Job offer with Comair. I interviewed with them on the 6th of this months, Just waiting to hear back from them. Waiting for the good letter:) I really hope i get it. Take care.:D
mt air

Mountain air isn't hiring right now. The f-27 dept. is over staffed. They barely made it through without furloughing. As far as I know the 135 side is full as well. Check you private message for a number.
Thanks Much

Hay Jed,
Thank you, I will give them a call anyways to get more info on the company perspectives.
Hey Bull, who did you fly the $hit Box for? It wasn't Night Cargo was it?
$hit Box?

It might be a $hit Box and look very ugly to you. But it made me a good stick, and helped me lounch my flying carrer. Yeah it was Night Cargo, Very Nice Company. I have flown the ATR and the RJ after that and guess what, the instructors can tell if I have flown the $hit Box while flying the full motion Box. Hope this helps.
Hey Bull,
Congrats on even getting an interview!! That alone is great news in these times. I see your times are right around mine..did you or do you have any 121 exp? if so thats an even added plus..From what I've seen/read/heard, they may be looking for those two qualities..(not a whole lot of time but enough and 121 exp.)

Again best of luck, they are pretty accurate with the 8-10 day thing as long as your app. was complete..(I forgot my High School transcripts) if you get a letter saying they need more info for the background consider it fairly good news. (My rationalizing was that as long as they didn't send a "rejection letter" I was doin ok.)

Again best of luck and hopefully they crank up those classes again so I can add CL-65 to my a/c
Still Waiting

Hay Crjflyer,

So far I have'nt got the word yet. but its only been 7 days still. Maybe in couple of days i will get to know the real news. As far as I remember I did completed my application pretty good infact it was all typed up:) all the copies were also attached along with the application. Yeah I do have about 10 months of 121 experience and about 7 months of 135. I am a Furlough from Eagle. If what you mentioned is correct then I should really see you soon in the ground school. Take care.:D
holy geez, its like lookin at myself in the mirror... I've been pretty much in the same boats as you..I didn't do any 135 flying but did do 135 right seat flying and logged the empty legs for about 5 months...and have about as much 121 experience.. They seem to like the typed up thing..I typed mine too and had all my paper work in a nice neat order..all except for that highschool transcript.Could you believe I couldn't find my HS diploma!!!So much for keeping memoribilia (sp?)...I also tabbed every checkride I've ever done in my logbook so the interviewing pilot could flip right to them..He even commented on how he loves when applicants do that...
The pilot I interviewed with was really nice, he was from a town up here in the NorthEast that I visit alot, I even had an ex that lived there because I went to college in the area! It was a great way to open up the lines of communication during an interview.

As long as ya feel you did as well as you could have then you should have no problem...of course I don't really know my head from my A%& but I figure the more positive vibes the better right!:cool:

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