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Nov 29, 2001
Total Time

Aircraft Captain
Schaumburg, IL, USA -Midwest

Motorola Inc., a New York Stock Exchange listed Fortune 100 organization, is a highly regarded worldwide leader in the Wireless Communications, Semiconductors and Advanced Electronic Systems industries.

Department Description: Corporate Aviation Dept., responsible for transportation of Company Executives and personnel/customers.

Scope of Responsibilities/Expectations: Aircraft Captain, resposible for safe, efficient transportation of Company personnel and customers.

To include: Flight planning, Aircraft performance, International and Domestic procedures.

Specific Knowledge: Air Traffic Control System, Federal Aviation Regulations, Appropriate jet aircraft experience; Currennt Glass Cockpit and state of the art automation systems knowledge;

Qualifications: Airline Transport Pilot Rating, 5000 hours flight time for Captain Candidates, Prior Falcon Jet experience preferred, International procedures knowledge and experience a plus.

Motorola is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in our workforce.