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More intel from the Titanic

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Jan 28, 2002
More intel from the Titanic (USS Airways)

To follow is the text of an Airways Negotiating Committee update for 2-23, intercepted and sent to me by a friend of mine at an Airways WO. It is self-explainatory.

This is Kelly Ison with a Negotiating Committee update for Saturday, February 23, 2002.

Wholly Owned Pilot Leadership

It has come to our attention that the pilot leadership of US Airways’ wholly owned carriers is actively trying to persuade other carriers’ pilot groups to not participate in the proposed Jets for Jobs program. Their efforts have been unsuccessful. After multiple conversations with wholly owned pilot group representatives, it has become clear that it will be difficult to work with those pilot groups in a cooperative manner. This is quite
disappointing in light of our efforts to keep the wholly owned pilot groups apprised of progress in SJ discussions.

It is unfortunate that this group continues to blame US Airways pilots for US Airways management decisions to obtain jets from outside carriers. They, like us, do not like the fact that US Airways is outsourcing jobs. Nevertheless, wholly owned pilot leadership has chosen to alienate the US Airways pilot group as an ally. In spite of their actions, we still intend to extend to the wholly owned pilot group the chance to participate in the Jets for
Jobs program and the benefits that will flow from the program. As we have discussed, that program has only upside potential for all involved and there is no downside.


It should be noted that the Airways MEC has never made a resolution which mandated that regional jets go to the wholly owned subsidiaries. Never. This in spite of repeated requests by the WOs that they do so. The Airways MEC simply ignored them. (Of course Kelly Ison failed to mention that, didn't he?).

Another fact is that no code-share partner has inked a deal with Airways. Not one.

Finally, it is unique logic indeed that views a "jets for jobs" deal that allows foreign, non-seniority list, pilots to come on ones property, be furlough protected, and stay potentially forever. Not to mention the fact that Airways pilots who are waiting to get their old jobs back are going to be less inclined to fight for the rights of those on the bottom of their savior airlines seniority list, and will ultimately dilute the resolve of the host pilot group.

Only "upside" and no "downside" potential... What a sense of humor he has!

Do they test for what Ison and Co. are smoking?

It could take decades before Airways rises from the ashes and hires their refugees back. It doesn't take prodding from WO leadership for a rational pilot group to realize that.

P.S. Ison had better hope the people at the bottom of the Airways seniority list don't get a copy of the "protocol", and see that the "deal" really isn't a deal at all, and that the Airways MEC is merely engaging in a vain attmept to appear that it actually cares about those who have been displaced; (that will make the additonal furloughs which are to come, an easier pill to swallow). Don't be surprised of you hear that industry-old line of "We had to do it or there would be no airline to come back to..." as they give the company furlough protection relief.
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