More Great Lakes Questions


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Mar 27, 2002
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I sure stirred up a ruckess with that book recommendation, guess I won't be doing that again......PHEW!! I didn't realize you all knew about the book already, my friend said it was pretty new.

Anyway, had a couple more questions that are unanswered about Great Lakes:

Why did they close their Chicago Crew base?

Why, or did, they move from Spencer Iowa to.....I believe I heard DIA?

What is their current equipment status?


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Nov 26, 2001
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ORD is still a crew base for Lakes. The other bases are MSP, DEN, CYS (Cheyenne), PGA (Page, AZ).

The flying outy of ORD has been drastically reduced since last August, so almost all the ORD schedules are below the 75 hour guarantee. Typical DEN schedule is about 83 hours.

The headquarters for GLA is in Cheyenne, WY. Moved out west about 2 years ago from Spencer, IA. The state of Wyoming gave GLA a sweetheart deal and built new facilities, gave tax breaks, etc. Also, CYS is only a 25 min flight from DEN and that is where most of the GLA action is now.

Currently we are operating (approx) 30-35 B1900D's and 3 EMB-120's will be flying again soon (target date is May 1). The EMB-120's have been only used for charters for about the last 5 mos.

The responses to your previous post about quality of life issues are true. You certainly do not come to GLA for the $, schedules, or God forbid a career. People generally come for one of two reasons. Either they are low time or they want the chance to upgrade fast and get turbine PIC time. On the plus side, you will meet a lot of good people, build connections and get lots of good experience.

If you do come to work here, I'd find a way to live where you are based. It will make life more tolerable.