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Well-known member
Jan 24, 2002
Hey guys, can anyone please tell me which other fractionals I should send a resume to? Other than EJA, FLEX JET, FLIGHT OPTIONS. I appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Stay away from FlexJet. They will accept you with open arms, but the moment they get a PRIA request you are treated like a different person. The pilots are all pretty good people. like anywhere else. In hindsight, I would only accept at FlexJet if there was no alternative.
Haven't seen anything on this board about Flex in a long time. I guess it's an indication of how little hiring they are doing and how little they are growing.

Flexpilot, can you be a little more specific about being "treated like a different person"? Is this a common occurance and does it make working for them miserable or is it only one bad grape on an otherwise good bunch?

Does anyone else post here from Flexjet that might agree/disagree with Flexpilot who might like to chime in?
Flexjet is not as bad as people make it out to be. A word of advice LIVE WHERE YOU ARE BASED and you will enjoy Flexjet alot more than most. Bases: DFW, FLL, EWR

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