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More Fodder for NWA AMFA

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Well-known member
Mar 13, 2004
Here is something I am sure will be on the amfa site soon...

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Northwest flight lands in Billings after suffering mechanical problems
Gazette Staff

A Northwest Airlines flight traveling from Minneapolis to Bozeman was diverted to Billings today because of mechanical problems.

The Airbus A320 with 135 people aboard landed in Billings shortly after noon. Passengers used portable stairs to exit the plane while it was parked on the ramp. No one was injured.

“We heard this flapping noise. The captain came on the intercom and said we were having hydraulic problems,” said Kathee McCafferty of Traverse City, Mich.

The captain said the Billings airport would be safer for a landing because it has a longer runway than the Bozeman airport, McCafferty said. She said passengers began hearing the strange noises about a half-hour before the plane touched down in Billings.

“We all clapped when we got on the ground,” said McCafferty, who was accompanied by daughters Alexis and Jillian and her husband, John. The family's vacation to Yellowstone National Park was temporarily interrupted in Billings because no rental cars were available.

Sissy and Sandy Buck of Portland, Maine, on their way to their son's college orientation at Montana State University, were waiting to pick up one of the last remaining rental cars at the Billings airport.

“After we landed, they had to tow us in,” Sissy Buck said. “The captain did a good job.”

Northwest Airlines maintenance workers have been on strike since Saturday. Replacement workers have been maintaining aircraft since the workers went on strike.

A Northwest Airlines spokesman didn't immediately return a call from a reporter.

[font=Arial,Helvetica,Helv]Copyright © The Billings Gazette, a division of Lee Enterprises.
This stuff happens all the time. It's just getting more attention because the NW mechs are on strike. Hopefully it will put more pressure on NW mgmt.
This doesn't mention the jet that ran off the runway last week when AMFA was working...nice maintenance AMFA.
SMMustang said:
This doesn't mention the jet that ran off the runway last week when AMFA was working...nice maintenance AMFA.

Could of been crappy pilots, no? They exist, even in the military.
All of these recent issues would be "non-newsworthy" if the company was not in the middle of a labor dispute. Everyone's gotta take a step back and take a breath...
Besides, all the mechanics did was mistakenly load Flight Control System drivers v. 19.113(a).

They should have loaded the updated v. 19.115. According to Airbus Technical Support in Mumbai, v. 19.113(a) is vulnerable to infection by the c0b4lt.exe virus.

The AMFA would have noticed that detail.
Norton Antivirus for Airbii. Comforting thought.

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