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More fecal matter from Airport Security.

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Ruler of Kingdom Come!!!
Mar 30, 2002
Boy says he got sick after airport guard made him drink water he carried for school project...

Stop the world fellas… I wanna get off….

Boy Blames Air Security Orders
Sat Apr 6, 2:43 PM ET
ASPEN, Colo. - A 14-year-old boy believes he got sick because airport security personnel made him take a drink from a bottle of untreated stream water he wanted to carry on an airplane so he could take it to school.

Elliot Gosko told the Aspen Daily News that he suspects he was infected by Giardia, a microorganism sometimes found in untreated water, but that tests aren't complete.
He said he became nauseous and missed two days of school last week after returning home to Pennsylvania from a visit to Aspen. The newspaper didn't give his hometown.
Security measures added since Sept. 11 require that passengers drink from liquids they are taking on an aircraft to prove the liquids are not dangerous, said Mike Fergus, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration (news - web sites).
However, Paul Turk, spokesman for the federal Transportation Security Administration, said airport security screeners can simply inquire about the contents of drink containers. He said there is no requirement that travelers drink from unsealed containers as proof of safety.
Fergus said Elliot never told security personnel at Aspen's Sardy Field what was in his bottle.
"If we had been told it was creek water there is no way we would have asked him to take a swig of it, unless we had reason to believe it was something else," Fergus said.
Elliot's father, George Gosko Jr., said he thinks the security agents went too far, but Fergus said they were just doing their jobs.
"I know the screeners were not told it was creek water and I'm sorry, obviously," Fergus said
The myth of any "federal" control is alive and well.

The airport screeners are still operating under the same set of rules, with just a few changes. What this means is that whatever a certain set of "screeners" has been taught is mandatory actually IS, regardless of what the law says.

The FAA rules are subject to interpretation, and every company and airport interpret them differently. At some places (PHL for one, in my experience) you MUST remove your hat. It doesn't matter if you can pass the metal detector with it on, you MUST remove you hat. Why? Because PHL amateur airport security was taught that in basic harassment 2 years ago. Is it any wonder that US Airways pilots are losing their temper? I've only gone through PHL security 5 times and I'm ready to rip someone's head off (wait! submitting myself for a psych eval-----OK, I'm all right).

The bottom line is that right now, every airport is different. Some airports will make a junior high kid drink pond-water; others will make a congressman strip. The one thing you can be SURE of is that no young Arab males will be harassed; THAT would be illegal!

Oh yeah!
Preach it Brother!

Stop the insanity!
Our air conditioned, seat belted, brain dead society has become soooo P.C., that we harass the men and women whom we trust with a multi million dollar machine and our very lives, but we won't make an arab male take off his (JT8D-17A) Turbin because it would "offend" him in some obscure way.
Part of the security training should be for all the screeners to learn and repeat this phrase (assuming they can speak and read english)... The pilots are the good guys, the pilots are the good guys, the pilots are the good guys....

I got news for you... racial profiling works! We need to start doing it now! Are we so PC that we would rather die from the consequences rather than racial profile and stop the problem?

And what is ALPA up to? I get a letter the other day asking for donations to help out the two US Air pilots who got fired due to their "questioning" of the security procedures. A major airline pilot lost his job for saying "why are you taking my finger nail clippers when I could crash the plane". I don't want to give him a donation, I want him to get his damm job back! Insanity!!!!! If the best that ALPA can do is ask for donations on their behalf, then my monthly dues are truly wasted.

The world is indeed going to hell in a handbasket. The next time I go through security, I will take off my jacket, take off my hat, take off my boots, let them search my wallet and my bag, then let them bomb sniff my flight bag (I always like this part, since I reload my own ammunition for shotgun, rifle and pistol, it usually goes off and creates a lot of fun!) and through it all I will smile... secure in the fact that I am officially safe due of this process.
I no longer speak to the screeners. Not one word. If they ask if they can wand me, I just "assume the position." I will not give them any chamce to say I spoke threateningly or whatever.

I also totally ignore them while they are pawing through my bag. Given the Control Freak genes latent in many of these reptiles, it really bugs them when they can't bother you.
Another pilot I talked to had a pretty twisted method of getting a little revenge if the screeners wanted to go rooting through his bag. Let's just say it involved white underwear and one of his son's crayons!
I guess people just need to be careful of what they take through security now with such a sensitive system. The new rules and guidelines is mostly just image. They are trying to make people think that our security system is much safer. Granted that it is safer than it was before, as far as the security checkpoints, but I work the ramp for a major airline and at the airport that I work at, employees with restricted access can by-pass security all together and enter through doors without being screened. Everyday, employees walk through with backpacks. Pilots, flight attendants with there crew bags enter without being checked. Now we all know that screening some 85 year-old woman at the checkpoints is pretty much a bunch of B.S. However, it is to show the public that they will screen anyone of any age, race, or gender. How are our great security screeners and airport police going to stop some employee (who may have a perfectly clean background) who has a messed up mind from taking down another plane or hurting someone. Probably not likely, but terrorism in the past usually involved someone inside the restricted areas. Now these morons in sept, got past security with legal items that our gov't deemed legal. Now they concentrate on taking a pilot's nail clippers away, while someone with access to secured areas may be a potential problem. It would be a pain in the butt to have to send all employees through security, but how can they be so stupid to concentrate on just people who go through security. I guess the kid just shouldn't have taken water that was not drinkable through security. I do think that they are a little carried away, but making someone drink something may be silly, but it is probably appropriate.
Yeah, drink the liquids as you go through security... I'm getting tired of sucking on the hairspray bottels, gel bottles, rubbing alcohol, tube after tube of toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, Scope, Lysterine, Pepto-Bismal (sp?), shaving cream, and on and on and on and on.

How is that they only test the stuff we'd be drinking anyway? Security only works if you go by their rules. Hide you poison or gasoline bomb in the 44oz. 7-Eleven cup and you may get caught! Hide the gas bomb in something that you wouldn't have to drink anyway, you're home free. Same with getting to an aircraft: Play by their (security's) rules and try to get to the aircraft by sneaking something through security. OR don't use their rules. Don't go through security at all! Get a job in catering, ramp service or one of many other jobs that alow you to go to work without having to go through security. It'd would only take a few weeks to get set up. If you're serious like Atta was, even a couple months is worth waiting for to train properly and get into proper position to take down an aircraft.

The sooner those rules change, the better off we'll be.

EagleRJ said:
Another pilot I talked to had a pretty twisted method of getting a little revenge if the screeners wanted to go rooting through his bag. Let's just say it involved white underwear and one of his son's crayons!

Hell man!!!

I vote for the real stuff! Have yourself about a six, bean burrito night at zeeks one stop slop shop complete with double order of Chile cheese fry’s. Toss in a pad of Exlax when ya get home for good measure. Find you a pair of cotton white Hanes, wait till mother nature has called, hang up on her and hold tight till she calls back again! Then wipe that puppy good-n-clean, wrap’em up nice and tidy in a zip lock baggy then place that in a brown paper sack and put that on top of the luggage with a funky shaped strip of metal in it to stet off the metal detectors assuming they are plugged in, making the open it up…

Enjoy the smell!

Of course to truly achieve maximum effect one must let the item attain proper temperature outside in the hot basking sun for at least three days straight.

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