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Capt. Over

Haulin' it on 18 wheels.
Nov 30, 2001
Same question, different day. I'm just looking for some current info. on interview timelines. I got the "to be interviewed" letter dated 12-11-01. I had heard interview sessions were booked through sometime in February. I'm wondering when people who got the same letter I did are getting calls to at least schedule interviews, even if they are down the road a bit. I'm anxious to hear something, but I realize it may take a month or two. Thanks to all who reply.

Capt. Over
I'm curious about that, too. I had the material in before the Sept circus, and haven't heard a peep. I've heard from a number of folks who turned theirs in quite recently, and have been hired. I believe the fact that they're gettiing hired is a very positive thing, but like everyone, I'd like a shot at it, too.

Is EJA booked for the next few months with interviews, then?
Got the same letter dtd November 28 and haven't heard anything. A bud just got back from indoc and they said they were doing the best they could to get things sked. Anyone else out there gotten a call?? or more info
Hey Everyone,

Just alittle more input for ya. I sent my app in the 2nd week of Oct. Got the letter about two weeks ago (dated 11/27/01) and got the call today for an interview on 2/14/01. The reason I probably got the call though is because a buddy of mine who works there called the HR dept. a couple of weeks ago and talked me up a bit and asked them how long they thought it would be before I could get an interview. The lady he spoke with pulled my name up in the computer and said they would go ahead and call me within the week, which was today. I have a feeling that if he didn't make that call that it would have been alot longer before I got an interview, since from what I understand, there are alot of people with alot more time than I that their looking at.

Hope I didn't step on anyones toes, and I wish all of us the best of luck!

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