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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
To any current Comair pilots...just curious what most guys do for accomodations during training.

1. Do guys typically show up for their training date, meet some dudes in their class and then go in and get an apartment together?

2. When would you have time to move your stuff once you had settled in? Do you typically have weekends off? Along those lines, do they let you leave town? (I'm a reservists and I'd have to do drill)

3. What did you guys do for fun? What did you think of life in Cincinnati?

Yup, most people get an apartment together, or start their own crashpad like i did. Or, you can go to an existing one, and get the lay of the land beforehand. I think they still give out a list of crashpad phone numbers when you first come to class.

You can go home on the weekends, and most people do. Cinncinnati is okay, there is plenty to do, but if you live near the airport in Kentucky, you will think you just moved to the middle of nowhere. Just make a lot of friends fast, if you plan to live here. I hung out with my sim partner all through reserve, and we'll probably do it again when we go back on reserve as captains. My apt complex is full of pilot and flight attendant crashpads, so you can make friends and have lots to do if you want. I personally meet most of my friends at church, so it's a different crowd than at work.

Hope this helps, and good luck.
mil reserves while in training

could be difficult to drill other than a few weekends, by law thay have to let you drill, but you will have to be rolled back a class if you miss any training. I would try to stay with the same class and get training over with ASAP. Tell the training dept well ahead of time about your drill plans.
1. ?
2. ?
3. drink.
CVG sucks, unless you are into something they call chili and like NASCAR racing like everyother redneck, hick from N. Kentucky

Comair is a good place to be, good contract , great pilot group, new a/c and growth. Good luck!!
as a former mil guy contemplating the guard/reserves, i was just curious...do you HAVE to drill while you are in tng? is it not possible to be excused from drill for the three or so months that you are in tng? i can't imagine that those six or so days would be that important that you can't miss them, but i wouldn't know since i'm not drilling. is it a regulatory issue or something? thanks...

I can answer up on the Marine Corps reserve side, should be the same for the other services.

If you let your unit know ASAP when you get a civilian commitment you can reschedule your required drills or even get them forgiven.

If you fail to show up for a scheduled drill and you don't let the unit know before hand, you won't get it forgiven and you have to make it up without pay.

If you don't show some dedication to regular drilling, you can be invited to leave the unit.

Bottom line is that for team players (those willing to pick up the phone and keep the unit informed), the reserve structure can be incredibly flexible.

The reserve units know that you have to be able to maintain a civilian job or you won't be able to drill. The best possible job that a reserve guy can have from a unit perspective is an airline job. You can jump or non-rev to drill, you have significant time off to drill each month, and when you get started at a regional, they underpay you to the point that you have to come drill to pay your bills (only partially kidding on that last one).

I was the active duty CO at a Marine reserve site. Any guy that called in and cancelled drill because of civilian training got an automatic paid reschedule. They never asked for a cancellation because, they needed the bucks, and also, we let them blow things up. Which no airline in the world will let you do.

Fly safe.

P.S. Three months of participation at my unit normally worked out to three drills (6-8 days) and an additional 12-16 AFTPs (6-8 more days). Each day of AFTPs brought in two days of pay, which is nice. The AFTPs are voluntary, but most folks did them to get the bux.
To answer the Guard/Reserve questions about making up your UTA's: in short the answer is YES.......

Though, it's actually funny, but usually by the end of the fiscal year, your rushing to make up all of your UTA's........Unless your flying on a UTA it is usually pretty borning, you sit around, have coffee, talk airlines and read the wall street journal.......
(Sounds familar to anyone??)

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