More Colgan Management Rhetoric From Buddy

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Jan 12, 2006
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my quote from another thread a few days back...

"The CCAir MEC and 95% of the Chicken Pilot rank and file had the b*lls to stand up to JO and Mesa and did everything possible to stand firm as one group. With hind sight being 20-20, regardless if Woerth signed the concessionary LOA or not, the CCAir Pilots were between a rock and a hard place. Either way it ended up, the outcome wasn't going to be pretty. Unfortunately, lines were drawn in the sand, sacrifices were made. One of the greatest bunch of regional pilots lost the war."

How bout you have the truth about CCAir. I'm with ya Flash...if the Chicken were still in business, I'd be there too along with all the other great peeps that worked there. Honored to have been part of the party crowd.

When's the next reunion?

Long Live the Chicken!!

How bout ya,Alf. Saw Maestro today! still the same. JO had no choice but to kill off CCAIR, the chicken chicken pilots stood up to him and bruised his ego. He had no other choice. Even the takeover was a shady deal. What goes around comes around, or something like that. CCAIR was one big party and to this day, still miss it, badly. I saw 9-5 a few months ago and he even said he misses it as well. He's now a fed.