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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
I was just curious - anyone else moonlighting, like waiting tables or bartending? I can't get a CFI job to save my life, so right now I'm wating tables (yawn) and am the head bartender at a local restaraunt. Still haven't connected with any customers who are or know pilots - is waiting tables and bartending usually a good way to meet prospective students?

Hopefully when things do pick up and improve I can teach during the day and bartend at night. Oh well. At least my food is half price and I can drink all the beer on tap to my heart's content. Mmmm, beer.....
I going to get some flack for this.

I would say that you aren't going to meet any pilot that is doing the pilot thing for a living in a bar. Most pilots drink but they usualy don't brag about being pilots unless they're really drunk. And your cute.

And by the the way the guy who says MMMMM....Beer is not the guy I want flying next to me. Keep this in mind I have a friend from college that was waiting for THE phone call from a major, it came and he wasn't home; the kicker is that his answering machine said "...we're not home we're out drinking and if we are home we're hung over" guess who left a rather interesting messang and never called back. I know what your saying, "I'd never put that on my andwer machine" but you did post it to a site that 100's of people read everyday.

God Bless and don't worry you'll find that job.
I 'moonlight' as a CFI in the evenings after working a 'real job' during the day. While the industry is slow, it's all I can do to 1. support my family and 2. build my hours/knowledge/experience.

as someone who also got into the game late (PPL at age 28), I am SO thankful I have a degree. I tell my young students to stay in school WHILE they get their tickets, then work as a CFI their last year or two. I think this would be the best of both worlds. I worked in college at lower paying jobs, but not at one that built my professional experience for my chosen field. Flying around the patch may get old, but so does waiting tables. Do lots of research and find a way to get that degree and your tickets, and prepare for anything. It's an adventure!

best of luck to you
My bad....

Ok ok - so the "mmm beer" was more of a joke than anything. I do see your point about how basically it's unprofessional to brag about getting drunk (which I hope my first post wasn't conveying). My bad leardvr.

I don't brag about being a pilot, but I do wear a little airplane as a tie tac, which also serves as a good conversation starter if my customer is interested. But for the most part, I guess the reason I don't see many pilots at my restaraunt is because the town that I'm in now is more of a blue-collar type town, unlike St. Louis where I went to college and where it was much more of a mix. And there's nothing wrong with being blue-collar - my mom and dad both are. I just don't know if there are many people who work that factory blue collar job that fly too.
OK thanks for the serman Leardvr. I will take that into account tonight when I am out at the bar with my girlfriend and buddies. I will try to limit myself to one beer tonight because other wise "when the majors call" I can tell them that I am a responsable person. Give me a break. Besides, Airnik was doing a Homer Simpson impression. I thought it was OK.

Airnik what are you appoligizing for? As for the point of your post Keep the night job of bartending and waiting tables and get yourself down to the local airport as fast as you can, to find any kind of job you can. You need to be where the airplanes are if you want to fly them. This business is all about connections. The best connection job is the refueler (at least I think).

Don't let people shove you around on this board.
Ahh the sins of alcohol.

But hell isn't it fun when used correctly??? I especially like it after a hit or two of crack. (Put that in your pipe and smoke it........pardon the pun.)

Go to www.standupreligion.com and find a message board about morality and conservative theology. I'm sure they'd love to hear your message. Now excuse me (burp) I've got some heavy drinkin' to do........

PS - I served and bartended for a looooooong time. Great money with convenient hours for a day job. Do what you have to to pay the bills, just remain a familiar face at the airport.
Just a thought-

I'd much rather have the guy who says "mmmm, beer" flying next to me than the guy who's going to preach to me about what's wrong with my lifestyle. That could make for some VERY long flights...

I agree with Simon Says. Hang out at the FBO, get a refueler job, whatever it takes. You might meet someone who needs a BFR or a captain who has a kid who needs training. Meeting pilots hanging around town usually happens more at a major hub like Dallas/Fort-Worth, Chicago, Houston, etc.

Keep working hard and best of luck.
Why are there so many people trying to take the fun out of life?

Get off your pedestal and down to the bar with the rest of us.

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