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Monday's Bachelor Pad

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RIP Avantair
Nov 23, 2003
Here's one more reason to catch next Monday's Bachelor Pad-

CLEARWATER, Fla., Aug. 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Avantair (OTCBB:AAIR), the only publicly traded stand-alone private aircraft operator and the industry leader of fractional aircraft ownership and flight hour time cards in the light jet cabin category, provides luxurious private travel for a special date in the August 23rd episode of Bachelor Pad. The episode will cover a dramatic group date Vegas-style on ABC's hot new summer series.

Sounds to me that unless your management charged the network full price, they probably got suckered into providing deeply discounted travel in consideration of some media exposure for a show with a viewer demographic that probably can't even afford a house, let alone private aircraft travel. Flops did this for "The Amazing Race" a time or two before they learned their lesson.
That's a good point. Here's the other side of it.

Flops flies airplanes that everyone instantly recognise and identify as a "corporate jet". Avantair flies an aircraft that 99% of Americans look at and say, "What the hell is it?"

I can see getting exposure, even on a show with those demographics, could be good long term for brand reconition and acceptance.

I know Avantair has done a few of these shoots. Some for pilots that never made it to air.
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Hmmm... well, from where I'm sitting, the Avanti represents different things to different people...

- The wealthy see it as sensible spending of their hard-earned wealth (They didn't become wealthy by wasting their money)

- The rest of us see it as a desireable sign of success (ex. Vette, Porsche, Mercedes, Beemer, etc..)

Demographics can kiss my arse (ahem). It's still (one of the) the most beautiful aircraft flying. It's not a flying tube, but a work of art. Grapevine tells me that there's big things on the horizon for future Piaggio products.

My knowledge is second-hand, at best. Take it for what it's worth...
It may be a joy to fly, a comfortable ride, and remarkably efficient but, beautiful? Eye of the beholder must apply here.
Not in my pay grade to tell them if the media exposure will be successful,, but the old adage of " throw enough sh*t against the wall, some of it is bound to stick" certainly applies!

Good luck!

It's an extremely well built aircraft. They've done a great job with the those things. I'd love one!
The Avanti got some good placement on the "Pitchmen" show a while back, with Billy Mays getting a test ride. On balance, I'm not sure how that plays, but I guess all publicity is good publicity as they say.

Yeah, that was going well. Right up till he, ya know...died and all.
They make good sense as an airplane but the truth is in the charter world there are still people who want to fly in an airplane that looks like an airplane (not a catfish).

Personally I like the looks of it and the nearly stand-up cabin is sweet.

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