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Model Airplane -- Where to Purchase?

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Cabo Wabo Express
May 4, 2002
I need to purchase a plastic model cessna 172 airplane for teaching purposes. I've been on Sporty's website all morning, and can't find one. Any tips on where I can purchase one today? Kind of in a bind without it.

:confused: :confused:
First of all you shouldnt be shopping at sporty pilot shop unless you want to get gouged on the price.

To find a model that suits your needs try any hobby shop. You might not find a C-172, but you will find all kinds of airplanes that can be used as a teaching tool.
I need to buy some books (Airplane Flying Hnadbook being one) and thought I would try to find someplace that sold everything that I needed. Not a fan of Sporty's? Not an AOPA member that can benefit with discounts?

Thanks for the tip. I wonder if avweb sells the model planes. Ill keep looking, if I can't find anything, i'll try a hobby store (but it is a ways away).
FAA pubs

Try amazon.com. I did just now and found the Airplane Flying Handbook (is that a successor to the Flight Training Handbook?). Also found the Instrument Flying Handbook, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, and the FOI (Aviation Instructor's Handbook). Probably cheaper than Sporty's.
Thanks. Ill check out amazon.com
Also, thanks for that URL with the model planes. I am looking for a plastic one, not a diecast one, but thanks. I may just end up having to go to the hobby shop the next town over, but I'll keep looking today while at work.
Thanks. Quick question. 1:72 Scale. What does this mean? What can this size be compared to? I called them, and that is all the information they could give me, they couldnt give me a size of the plane (i.e inches, etc).
FAA pubs

Another place to check for publications is ASA's Flight Library Series. I bought the CD ROM version and it contains (among others) The FAR/AIM, FAR for Flight Crews (121 regs), FAR for Maintenance Technicians, Aviation Weather, Instrument Flying handbook, Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, just about all of the advisory circulars, tons of illustrations and lots more. All for $39.95 at the local pilot's mart.

Go to a hobby shop that sells model cars, airplanes, etc. I was looking for the same thing back when I was instructing and I found a C-150 plastic model perfect for teaching purposes at a local hobby shop. It is the same kind you used to put together with glue & paint when you were about 12. I think it only costs like $10.

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