MNSPA Manual 2008 Edition


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Mar 5, 2002
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New MNPSA manual 2008 edition:

Changes from Edition 2005 (September 2005) incorporated in Edition 2008 – (August 2008)

• the implementation of new and revised route structures and air space management within and adjacent to NAT MNPS airspace;

• the continued development and implementation of Datalink and SATCOM Voice for ATS communications in the Region;

• changes and additions to "Single LRNS Routes" in the NAT MNPSA.

• the implementation of minor but significant changes to oceanic clearance request and readback procedures;

• the need for a re-emphasis of the requirement for adherence to Assigned Mach;

• the need to reference the current development of the Performance Based Navigation philosophy;

• the recognised need to clarify and re-emphasise some of the detailed NAT MNPSA navigation procedures;

• the implementation of common worldwide oceanic in-flight contingency and lateral offset procedures promulgated in ICAO Doc.4444-PANS ATM;

• the development and publication of the "Oceanic Errors Safety Bulletin (OESB)" and a recommended Example Check List to be used by crews flying through the NAT MNPSA;

• an expressed user requirement for a consolidation of guidance relating to Flight Planning through the NAT MNPSA (one-stop-shopping).
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