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Dec 2, 2003
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Anybody been to MMMD lately? I was there a few days ago and it was a CLUSTER F*

Like 6 767's from Europe "parked" on the taxiways, along with a few US airlines, such as CAL and Sun Country, all with APU's/engines running, waiting for futher instructions, for 1+ hours

We waited 1 hour 30 minutes from initial "like to pick up clearance" to actual takeoff.

Tower was uncooperative and all he said was "uh, standby, I weeel call ju back". Mexican airlines got no relief either, lots of hot tempers in the air

General Aviation ramp packed and no marshalers in sight

oh well....


Live from Caracas
May 26, 2004
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Last night it was a goat rodeo still. We were passing by on our way to Guatemala city. There were at least two or three arrivals that were denied permission to land and amazingly had enough fuel to return to DFW and IAH. All were "stub" callsigns like 9245, etc.

On our way back to DFW this morning, one guy was trying to get clearance from Houston oceanic to proceed to Merida, and the Houston guy said "Merida is NOT taking arrivals without a 'reservation'". The Merida-bound said "If we are going to pick up hurricane evacuees, then a reservation is not required." The guy got clearance to proceed to Merida, but I don't know if he got in.

All the tourists from CUN and CZM are being bussed to Merida for their flights out. It's a mess!!
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