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MKE Housing

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Old School
Aug 18, 2005
For those pilots in the Milwaukee area, a few questions: How is the cost of living there? Is it easy to find a cheap place close to the airport or for that matter is it easy to find ANY place close to the airport (w/in a 15 minute drive). I realize as an FO at a regional you are most likely going to be living with 2 or 3 other pilots, how does one typically come across info on crash pads? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
If you are going to SYX, don't worry, everyone with space open in a crashpad will come into class and let you know the location and contact #. The cost of living is reasonable, and in my class, some stayed at the Baymont during groundscool for 35/night(get a roomate amd 17$/night isn't that bad)
Living in MKE is not too bad at all, you just need to find a crashpad. Like the last guy posted there are plenty of pads around that you could jump into. If you do look for a clean place, and make sure that it has things like cable, internet, and if you don't have a cell phone by now then a phone line is good to have.
Try and find guys that fly the same airplane that your in training for. This will be good for them to start thinking about the systems again, and good for you cause they can help you study too.
If your new to Skyway, wellcome!
There are two rules that helped me through the first year and I try and pass it on to others.
1. Show up on time!
2. Do your job, go home.
You follow those rules you will stay out of trouble.
A buddy of mine reminded me of another one, and this might be the most important one.
3. Don't be a tool!
I just sent you a PM regarding housing
e-mail or call me anytime

hyepilot said:
important one.
3. Don't be a tool!
That seems to be the key to a happy life at Skyway!!!
Can't go wrong with the Gables. Got your own grave yard in the front, a pool, and a never ending supply of single moms under the age of 20 who happen to work at a local hooters (I wonder if they have a union).

Oh no, I'm a rageaholic, I can't live without rageahol!
I agree with the Gables option. Just find a couple of people to share a three bedroom with. I think it was around 350 a month including utilities. It's a nice place and the management likes us Skyway folk. Quick drive to the airport. You can save more if you live around 20th and North, but I wouldn't advise it. If you want to go the crashpad option, it will save you more money, but you'll have to share the place with quite a few others. Bay View and the East side are pricier, but in the more exciting parts of town. Welcome aboard!

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