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minimums for FLXjet, NJ, CS and FOps

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2003
I am currently flying for a 121 airline in a turboprop. I wonder what kind of time I would need in order to get into one these fractional companies.(FLXJET, CS, NJ, FLOPS)
Thank you.
CS will need 4000+ and PIC to be competive.

Flight Options: a pulse

Netjets: bargaining power

Flexjet: 2500 and PIC
He pretty much hit the nail on the head about Options. I was going to say a hearbeat should get you in. Oh yeah be willing to live in one of the airports they have picked as tier 1. Don't ask what they are because they will probably change tonight with a simple e-mail message from our great managment team.

NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!

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