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Mineta: "Year End Deadline Will Be Met"

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Jan 17, 2002
Mineta: "Year End Deadline Will Be Met"
Friday April 26, 2002 8:54 AM

With the year end deadline approaching, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Wednesday that the government will be able to honor it's promise to screen all checked bags for explosives. Some airports will have $1 million dollar car sized explosive detection machines, some will have $40,00 dollar "trace" detectors, and some will have a combination of the two. The number of $1 million dollar large machines ordered was cut in half to 1100 from the original number, and the government ordered 4700 of the $40,000 dollar machines instead. Still, in a recent statement Mineta said "We will insist on the same high standard for all airports, large and small." In a side development, the government has awarded $105 million to Lockheed to begin training 32,000 airport screeners. Mineta is a former Lockheed executive, but claims he was excluded from the decision.
Yeah, but can they screen for fire ants?

You just wait until some joker drops a suitcase FULL of fireants on a conveyor belt, and leaves a few seams picked and smeared with sugar. Folks would wish it had been explosives.

Are they planning on installing detectors for shoes, too?

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