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New member
Apr 10, 2002
Just curious, I just got my CFI and have about 350 hours. Of course finding a job has been rather difficult. I'm wondering if there is any opportunities for me in the military. Being 28 I realize that I wouldn't fly any of the fighter jets, but I would do anything to keep flying. I know absolutely ZERO about the military, so any input will be appreciated. And I have a Bachelor degree already, does that matter? Thanks.
Try the military section. I don't believe you are too old, since you already have a BS.
You should visit and talk to your nearest officer recruiter. With a degree, don't let them enlist you! Make it clear that you are interested in being an officer. But keep in mind flying for the military is a long-term commitment. You have to want to be there, and if you don't (or aren't sure), then it will be a rough ride.
I wish that I would gotten a degree before I went into the USN. Would have made life much easier!
There are flight students older than you and some of them fly jets. Age is not a factor at all to fly jets - just performance. I have recently seen flight students in the mid 30's but they are usually prior-enlisted. Flight students in their mid to late 20's is very common now a days. Typically you must start flight training by age 31. I'd call an Officer recruiter now to find out more about getting a flight school slot. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard may have an active duty job for you. Ask here or with recruiters about Air National Guard and AF Reserve opportunities.

Having a bachelor's meets the education prerequisites. If you pass a physical your timing may be very good. I wouldn't delay, you are still young but not getting any younger. Recently there have been posts by pilots going to Navy OCS and perhaps they can give you more insight. They are probably taking the fastest route to flight training and wings, in my opinion. I think these folks are coming in at a good time. Military spending is going to go up before it goes down again.

Good luck!
I thought 28 was the magic age for the cut off. Is that just in the Guard?

And I thought you had to be enrolled in the flight school by age 28......i could be wrong.
Try Army

Don't forget the Army, they also have flight training, but go as a Warrent.
Aero99, the official overall rule is in pilot training by 30. It was raised from 27.5 a few years back. Many times different units have other ages, under 30, on their sites based on that unit's preference. The only way to get the real "low-down" is to call the unit.
Some of these recent posts probably have better info on the required ages since they probably have asked recently. Again, most of the over 30 crowd are usually prior enlisted and have age waivers (they are not the majority by any means but show you that there are always exceptions out there). I have recently met flight students starting the program at the ripe young ages of 34 and 38, both with prior service. I have met several 26 to 28 year olds coming into the military for the first time. I don't think any doors are closing but if you are serious about serving and want to fly also, I'd call some recruiters to see what they say. Just remember, don't believe everything you hear.

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