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Military to FAA Flight Time Conversion

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Execjet conversion

The 1.2 conversion was specified on the "PILOTS REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLYING AT EXECUTIVE JET AVIATION" sheet that came with my application package. It's in the bulletized list at the top of the page in the same line as the 500 hour fixed-wing multiengine time requirement.

I didn't need it, but it helped one of my friends get hired last year.

Make sure you have the same sheet in your app pack and that it still reads the same before you use this conversion.

Good luck...
Great info, but as zulua320 mentioned, almost every airline will want different things, some tell you specifically NOT to convert your time, they will do it. Just read the app. very carefully because you don't want to show up to the interview and realize you made a mistake. This could put you into the "doesn't follow directions" or "overstated flight time" category, even if it was unintentional.
There really isn't any such thing as "FAA" flight time. The general discussion is that many airlines allow a "plus up" conversion factor to military flight time. We normally log takeoff to landing plus 5 minutes taxi time, however the civilians log engine start to shutdown, or hobs. As posted, they'll normally allow you to multiply your time by about 1.1-1.3 to put you on a more equal level, flight-time wise with the civilians. The most important thing is to read the specific airline app carefully, as I said, they are all different and some want only straight logged time.

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