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Military to FAA Flight Time Conversion

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UPS PIC and conversion

Don't know the answer to the UPS conversion question, but have seen/heard that they will accept Part 61 "sole manipulator" PIC. If anyone out there knows the UPS answer, give me a valid reference (website or UPS policy letter etc) and I can fix the spreadsheet.
EJA Convert


They accept a .2 per sortie conversion factor... just like FedEx. I have been unable to find a documented source for this, but I have two "high-up" contacts (people doing hiring/interviews) who have stated as much.

Good Luck.
Flt time to FAA

Can you direct me to the appropriate place for deciphering Mil time translated to PIC? As per CG log books, I've got 500hrs where I actually "signed" for the plane but have over 800hrs time since upgrade to Aircraft Cmdr (AC). Do companies also count the FPT where you were the "sole manipulator" of the controls, even if not yet rated as AC, AS PIC?

Thanx for the spreadsheet!!
Each airline has its own specifics on how they want you to log PIC, and tend to spell it out pretty clearly in the application. Most only want the time you actually signed for the aircraft, while at least a few (SWA included, I think, but don't quote me) allow you to log all time after upgrade to AC as PIC (regardless of your actual position). The bottom line is that you appear to have a pretty good handle on your hours picture -- keep tracking it as you've been doing, read each application carefully, and log it the way the specific airline wants it (sts).

I have a fairly extensive explanation of PIC/SIC and Part 1/Part 61 on the website for the spreadsheet. In the explanation of the spreadsheet there are also links for the airlines that I know take some type of conversion and they explain there how/why.

Zulua320 is right... just about every airline will be specific as to how they want the time, just be sure and fill in their specific app the way they want it.

Student time, whether it's sole manipulator or not, is student time. You may count it, generally, toward your total time, but not toward your PIC/SIC. Most airlines don't want Par 61 (sole manipulator) counted, but a lot of Corporate and others will take it. Just be careful.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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