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military records and backround checks

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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
My CO walked into my office the other day with an envelope from an airline by whom I have been hired. He dropped it on my desk and told me to just tell him how I want all the stuff answered. There is a request for records in there and I am wondering what the military's standard policy is for releasing the records of pilots to the airlines. Do they normally release anything? FEF? NATOPS Jacket? If not, what do they do...send a letter saying the stuff is non-releaseable? Does the privacy act apply to this stuff? I have nothing to hide, just want to keep it standard. Thanks.

I was told by an HR person that they normally don't get anything from the military, since all of your records are protected under the Privacy Act of 1974. We've had a bunch of folks that worked for me go into different civilian flying jobs and those employers (AA, UAL, Fedex, Eagle, ACA, etc.) never did anything other than telephone for service date confirmation. But it's the same thing as when one of your troops wanted a loan and the loan officer wants to confirm employment, etc. Your CO did the right thing by checking with you, I'd ask your unit to send a letter back (no copies of any records) with the basic information that the package requests. It's kind of like getting a letter of recommendation after the job offer instead of before. If it were me, I'd take the extra step and write it up for the CO's signature to make sure the Yoeman doesn't get back at you for yelling at him that time at quarters. ;)

Don't worry about setting a precedent, worry about getting a class date!

Good luck.

The little winky smiley face after the YN comment was meant to indicate it was a joke. :) I just finished up a command tour and believe me, I never signed anything I didn't read and concur with. Wouldn't expect his CO to do it any differently.

You know, I was a bit surprised at that whole "roll your own" fitrep thing in the Navy. When I was a test pilot at Pax River my CO (Navy) made a big stink over writing my fitrep (up to that point had been written by the senior Marine). When we settled on him writing it, and the senior Marine acting as the reviewing officer for the report, my CO turned around and asked me to write it for him!?!? Pretty surprising, but then again, it was the best fitrep I ever got.



21 days to retirement! :D
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You just got a blank check to sell yourself. If your FEF is clean, send it, if your checkride record is clean then send a copy of every form 8 you've had. Send a copy of every CGO of the quarter award you've received, every OPR (if they are good), and any other document you have a copy of that helps sell yourself, you get the idea. Build a complete package, have your commander check it over, and FEDEX it back to your prospective employer. There is no standard reply, and if your record is clean the more the merrier. Good luck.

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