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Military leave options

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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001
Anyone out there who does the airline/ANG or Reserve juggling act--I've got a question.

I may have the option to go 139 days on orders to augment active duty forces very soon. I'm wondering if that is a smart choice or not... (vice the standard 7-9 sorties and FTP/UTA and MPA days)

Pros I see are 1) No commute for 4 months B) More money than first year pay + part time ANG work and C) I like my ANG job.

The cons.....well....1) Probation may need to be extended to offset my leave. Anyone have any pireps good or bad on their experience? 2) I left active duty to have more flexibility--this puts me right back "under the thumb" of the AF, albeit for only 4 months and 3) My FE skills will likely atrophy with a 4 month layoff and I'll need to do some work to get "on step" when I get back.

Anyone done something like this? Am I missing any pros/cons that you can share?

Thanks in advance,

A Thought

I'm not in the same boat as you, but I have a lot of friends who are or have been. Something you might want to consider is...with all of the uncertainty in the world right now, you may want to get off of probation ASAP. You have no union or job protection until you are off probation. Extending probation keeps you vulnerable and extends your risk period. Most "old timers" have given my friends the same advice. Get off of probation first and there will be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of mil leave once you are "protected." It is true that for most people, probation is a non-event, but when "stuff happens" the new hires on probation will be the first to go since they are "expendable." The best option is not to be one of the "probies." Good luck either way! Cheers.
Do you cummute to your airline job or ANG?

If your ANG is home that should be quality time. Make sure your orders are long enough to qualify for full-BAH adjusted for your locality vs BAH II. It's right around 139 days or so.

Being off probation? It didn't save anyone at UAL who had the "no-furlough" protection.

Go with the quality-of-life. It's always the right choice.

Good Luck!
Personally I would not take Mil Leave that is so long that you become non-current as an FE. Going back to the school house during probation should be avoided if possible - nobody needs another opportunity to "excel." However, you will accrue regular leave during your active duty time so a well-placed break in the middle somewhere with a chance to go fly for your company and maintain currency would work great. I did a 6-month tour of duty last year during probation but was able to fly once a month for my company so it was fine. Depends on your company's mil lv policy. Ditto for whether it extends your probation. The answer is probably buried in fine print in your contract.
Good Luck,

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