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Military-friendly regionals?

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Jun 25, 2002
I just read bustamove's thread which discussed Naval Flight Officer time, and was wondering if anyone knows of regionals that are especially mil-friendly.

I'm a former E-2 and F-14 NFO and have been fllight instructing for about a year now - have about 900 total, 100 multi.

It's pretty clear that my NFO time doesn't count for squat in anyone's flight hour columns, but does anyone out there know of regionals that might relax their mins a little or simply look favorably on that type of experience?

I had originally hoped to get on with ACA or Comair, but their competitive mins are pretty high these days - I'm hearing 2000TT with several hundred multi. I've looked into Great Lakes, but flying for them sounds about as fun as night Carrier Quals with a nugget.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
Met a great guy and a former EA-6 guy flying for Express One (NWA airlink) out of MEM. Might try that direction--seems like a bunch of great guys.

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