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Military Aircraft Cross Reference

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Jun 18, 2002
Greetings All,

Does anyone know of a resource to cross reference military aircraft designations with nomenclature or civilian equivalent? I appreciate any advice.
Don't know of a good source. www.af.mil has listings of all USAF aircraft + pics.

Here's some, albeit simplified...

T-1 = BE 400
C-12 = Beachcraft?
C-9 = DC-9-30series
KC-10 = DC-10
C-20 = Gulfstream III/IVs
C-21 = LJ35
C-25 = B747
C-32 = B757
C-37 = G-V
C-40 = BBJ variants
T-43 = B737-200
KC-135/C-137 etc = B707
C-141 = L300
C-130 = L382

and many more...
P-3 = L188

don't think most fighter types have one but could be wrong on that, the P-3s is really for the Electra, the civilian airliner it was based on.

If you have specific planes you flew you are looking for, putting up a list of them will enable guys who fly/flew them to help more readily. imho.
C-12B/F = BE-200 (KingAir)

C-12R = BE-1900

CH-46 = BV-107

CH-47 = BV-114

BV-360 = Oh wait, we never considered that aircraft. We put our eggs in the MV-22 basket.

Here's a definitive guide to every current Military Aircraft. The descriptions give you plenty of info, including the Civilian Designations.


Also, FL510GV, the C-40A (Navy) is a 737-700C (Combi...meaning a -700 with a cargo door ) The C-40B (USAF) is a BBJ I. The BBJ's have structural improvements over the 737-700/-800s. The KC-135 is the original B-717...basically a 707 with 8" narrower fuselage. (The Type Rating used to state Boeing-7071720) Later E-6/-8 and VC-137s are B-707s. EC-135s were formerly American Airlines B-707s.
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UH-1A/B/C/E/F/K/L/M/P: Bell 204

UH-1D/H/V: Bell 205

UH-1N: Bell 212

AH-1: Bell 209

OH-58, TH-67, TH-57: Bell 206

TH-55: Hughes 269

U/H/M/SH-60: Sikorsky S-70

H-53: Sikorsky S-65

H-3: Sikorsky S-61

O/M/AH-6: Hughes (later MD, Boeing) 500

OH-13: Bell 47 (MASH helicopter)

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