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Midwest Express window?

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Does MidEx have a "window" for applications? I didn't notice anything on their website...just hiring mins. Thanks!
Found it: From www.jethiring.com:

Midwest Express Airlines: The total number of pilot furloughs was reduced to approximately 105 (out of 408). Yes, 120 furlough letters were sent, however, several were rescinded. The dates of furlough / number of furloughees is:
72 on 11/1
32 on 11/15
No further furloughs are anticipated. No recall is anticipated (in the near future).
Midwest Express does usually open windows for apps and resumes. Don't expect anything for a while. I would be surprised if they opened a window in the next 1 to 2 years. As for why I believe that: 105 (maybe 106) total furloughs; there were 33 recalls starting Feb. 1 going through April 15. The next batch of recalls pobably won't happen until late in 4Q, around the holidays. That still leaves a crap load of fellow pilots on the street. I'm getting close on recall, but I believe I'll surpass 1 year on furlough at least. This furlough probably won't be as bad as at the majors, but then again, look who we are talking about.... :eek:
Thanks, I just wanted to know the protocol for applying. I'm sure Tim doesn't want me showing up at his office saying "I'm a pilot, hire me". Thanks again.

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