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Midex is...

Midwest Express Airlines - their main hub is Milwaukee, although they do have domiciles in Omaha and Kansas City...

They fly DC-9's, MD-80's, and perhaps 717's sometime soon?

I'm furloughed from Skyway, their feeder, but rumors abound...

Hope this helps,


All your info. was correct except that we do not have domiciles in OMA or MCI. OMA was closed as a domicile when the furloughs happened and MCI was/is thought to be opened as a domicile to replace OMA. That may still happen, but probably not until we get back on our feet and get more airplanes. As of now MKE is our only domicile.
My mistake...

Pardon the error, here's hoping that your domiciles do open back up soon; thanks for the correction.

Brew, have you heard any info on the recall plan at Skyway? My friend was in the May class and just got recalled. I was in the September class at the bottom of the list. Last best guess I got for me was the end of this summer or maybe fall.
Recalls at SYX


Hello again - I think that's a pretty good bet for ya - end of summer or perhaps Fall . . . with the news of the new routes and more a/c, it sounds pretty good. Drop a private message for more; how's the cargo flying going?

Take care,
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