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MidEx recalls more!

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Let's hope....

Is this in addition to the 12 vacancies that were posted last month? I haven't heard new recalls lately, but I hope you're right. That would be great news. I'm glad to be finally going back, but I wish all of our furloughed pilots could enjoy the same happiness that I am experiencing. I am one of the lucky ones - there are many pilots that will still be on the street for a long time. I'm just thankful for the opportunity...

1800 RVR
It is my (limited) understanding that it is for the twelve vacancies.

Class begins on 08-01 -- I think that the twelve hit the middle of the February 2001 class -- but I'm not really sure.
After today's class, how many more will be left on furlough at MidEx? Also, any news on the FA or Skyway pilot contracts?

Since the last recall....

Since the last round of recalls went from February to April (about 33 in number) and there haven't been any since, this is a recent recall. I think twelve were in class -- hit somewhere in the February 2001 class. Class did begin on 08-01-02. There is some classroom time/sim time/and "observed flying" time.

It is my understanding that the FAs have been released in the 30 day cooling-off period.

The Skyway K? Haven't heard anything concrete.

It didn't go unnoticed at YX Headquaters that YX pilots were the only ALPA carrier to decline medical premium payments for the furloughed pilots (please correct me if another ALPA carrier voted against assisting furloughees w/ medical premiums).

The next recall -- date to be determined -- should have approximately fifteen individuals -- and hit the middle of the March 2001 class.

I hope everyone is fairing as well as can be.

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