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Dec 19, 2001
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I heard that Mid Ex is suppossed to be back at 100% by this summer. How does this look for the furloughies???

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Mar 1, 2002
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It was indicated that the senior pilots voted and declined medical assistance to the furloughees(especially those making lower wages with wives and families).


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Nov 25, 2001
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No news!!

Back in January the company recalled 33 of the 106 pilots on furlough status (out of 408 pilots on the seniority list).

The recall was to take place on different dates, from February 1st to April 15th (someone else posted the numbers and dates on a previous post).

To date, there are no anticipated recalls after the 33, as been explained by "those in the know."

Additionally, I think the news articles stated "Midwest Express Holdings" versus Midwest Express Airlines. The difference? Holdings encompasses Skyway (dba Astral Aviation). Skyway has been flying several routes the DC-9s previously flew, hence, less guys needed at Midwest Express.

If the company is going to back to 100% by June, and no anticipated recalls after April, who knows? Also, define 100%??

By the way, Skyway still has guys on the street too!!

Anyone else know more??

With respect to the assessment........ it was discussed on another post -- see General Discussion...I think it was labeled "Midwest Express Screw Their Own."

Unfortunately it is true; the assessment was voted down by a 2/3 vote against assisting the furloughees with COBRA benefits.
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Nov 30, 2001
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All I know is I'm going to be 100% out of a job for a helluva lot longer than this summer....which is fine because I couldn't fly a DC-9 out of a wet paper bag with holes on both ends at this point!


Jan 29, 2002
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"Midwest Express Airlines said March 1 it may move up deliveries of 20 Boeing B 717s originally scheduled for 2003 through 2008. Details of the new delivery schedule were not released.

``We are moving toward a revised delivery schedule and stepping up those deliveries,'' said Lisa Bailey, spokeswoman for Milwaukee-based Midwest Express.

The order, which includes options for 30 more 717s, has been in limbo since Boeing and the airline first announced a tentative deal last April."

Just saw this on the Air Inc website. Anyone from MidEx have any insight on delivery info, negotiations with AAL for their 717's, etc.

thanks in advance


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Nov 27, 2001
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I thought it was ironic that the airinc info about midex was listed with info about airtran.

ME is "thinking" about moving up deliveries of 20 717's, which it was planning on taking over FIVE YEARS ('03-'08)

Meanwhile, Airtran IS taking deliveries of 20 717's in the next nine months.

Some companies have their sh:t together, and then theres ME...

As far as furloughees, I do not know much about midex, but they are saying that they will be back to 100% by the end of the second quarter (Most recent Take 5 with ME email dated 3/2/02). I have no idea how they plan on recalling 80 plus people in three months considering that they needed more than three months to call back 33.

Skyway also announced that they are PUSHING BACK deliveries of the EMB 145's until "04. It appears that MEH can't figure out how to bring two different planes online at once. Skyway furloughees will probably be out for a significantly longer stretch than originally thought. Sorry to pass that on...

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Nov 26, 2001
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Look at it this way....

There is one thing that people are forgetting: the 33 pilots that were recalled brings them up to a staffing level APPROPRIATE for the pre-11 flight schedule. Most pilots that were hired in 2001 were for expansion reasons, however, there was no expansion to really speak of. Thus, we were fat (or phat) on pilots in both airplanes. The 80 or something of us still out will NOT be recalled by the summer. But it also might not be as long as some think.

Latest rumor: 717 deal is done; no new airplanes this year, but instead of 1 A/C per Q, it will now supposedly be 1 per month. First delivery still in Feb. '03. Also, possibly up to 12 recalls this summer. Take it for whatever it is worth. I'll believe it when I get a letter calling me back, or I see something in print. :rolleyes: