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Mid-Air Collision Pic Fake Or Real

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Let me see if I can track down the video, it's out there on the world wide web somewhere.

Those two collided at the 1993 Fairford Airshow. Both ejected and survived. One walked up to the other and punched him in the face, urban legend has it. A European C-130 was damaged by debris also.
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Its real, I have seen the Video, I believe this happen at the Farnborough (sp?) airshow some time back...
AW&ST had some other pics of the event. One of them shows one of the MiGs in a ball of fire with all this debris raining all over the place...and in the middle is the pilot riding out on the ejection seat.
I have some it somewhere in a box.
Aww crap, I must be getting old.....It seems like this crash happened only a few years ago. And here we have a bunch of young pilots arguing about it being a real picture or not. (checking for any new gray hair......)

Quite famous accident, Russian demo team if memory serves. Several videos of the accident since it happened at an airshow.
It's very real. I was at the airshow. International air Tattoo in Fairford England either in '92 or '93.
I was a guest of DHL and was enjoying their hospitality when the Russian Mig 29's took to the air. The display is always great to watch and every thing was fine until the final join. The aircraft were supposed to re-join after a loop but the second Mig mis-judged and basically cut the first Mig in half. It happened right in front of me and I got many photos with my camera (still have them).
They both ejected and were unharmed. The only injury was to a Canadian C130 crewman who was sitting on the top of the Herc and fell of breaking a limb.The folklore with the "punch" was just that. Both pilots were very calm one guy just lit a cigarette and walked back to the flightline. Exciting stuff, made the show unforgettable.
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