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MIA-SJU jumpseating

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Trying to get a jumpseat on an airline that goes from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico; can anyone point me to a cargo airline that flies that way?

The airline I work for has a few pax airlines on the recip. list that travel that way, but the flights are full and think this is the next best step.

Thanks in advance!

Most cargo airlines are not accepting off line jumpseaters because no airline is permitted to allow off line jumpseaters in the cockpit.

You can try ATA. Two flights a day MIA-SJU. One in the afternoon about 1330 and the other around 1830. ATA allows as many jumpseaters as there are empty seats in the cabin. Come with an additional picture ID along with your company ID and license and medical certificate.

Good luck,

To correct TriStar_drvr's comment regarding jumpseating, cargo airlines DO allow jumpseaters to ride in the cockpit. Since Sept 11th, I have had several jumpseaters ride legally up front with me on international flights. My airline requires the jumpseater to sign up 24 hours before the flight and fax copies of your ID and licenses to dispatch in order to verify employment.

As far as going to SJU, try Arrow Air / Fine Air. They fly every night to SJU from MIA and will allow off line pilots to ride in the cockpit.
i use ATA or SPIRIT (to ft lauderdale)

someone said EAGLE; i don't think they fly that route- AMERICAN does

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