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MIA Aeroservice Event: Job Fair or Marketing tool?

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Well-known member
Apr 23, 2009
I'm looking at the job fair coming up this weekend in Miami, and noticed that a couple of the participating airlines fly plans which Aeroservice happens to offer type ratings for.

I'm wondering if anyone who has been to a prior event can tell me, is someone likely to hear "we will hire you if you pay for your type rating at Aeroservice first"?
Aeroservice hosts the event. I'm sure they don't do it for perfectly charitable reasons.

I've been to one of their recruiting sessions, and I'm sure that they did have employers there who may have used Aeroservice. Aeroservice also made their literature available, and why shouldn't they? It's their facility.

I also got a job.

Nobody I met at the seminar was asking for money for training, though I didn't speak to every operator there, at the time.

Target the operators with whom you wish to speak before you go, and know what their requirements and policies are. This will take some research on your part. When you arrive, you'll stand in line outside the door for each of those operators, and you'll be able to get in the door of about seven during the day.

If one of those seven results in an interview, then your time has been well spent. If it doesn't, then you've had the experience of shaking the hands of seven recruiters, and your time has been well spent. You will have also had the experience of having seven mini-interviews during the day, which makes your time...well spent.

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