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MHT aircraft

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Well-known member
Jan 24, 2004
I'd like to find out which companies have aircraft at MHT and what the aircraft are. Is there anyone with the business aircraft directory that I could persuade to look this up and share the info with me?

A PM would work fine if you'd rather not have it go out to all on the mesage board.

Thanks very much

I would direct you to the following Yahoo group:

MHT is my home town and I have not worked @ MHT for years now, so I would not be able to tell you with certainty what is there. These folks should be able to help if you post and ask there. I remember Tyco having jets there, Alpha flying has PC-12s, Wiggins Air with caravans etc.... Check it out. Hope that helps.​
Hey Gilly

There are a few flight departments at MHT besides Alpha (Tyco moved to PSM a while back) but they are very hard to get into, unless you've been in the area for a while.

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