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Aug 27, 2006
Anybody know the costs associated with (a) flying in Mexican airspace and (b) handlers/"fees" at Mexican airports?

Airplane is/will be N registered.
Its usually about a $1000 for handling. If you're going to Cabo, I just call them with an ETA and do all flight planning myself. Then when I get there I do all the customs and immigration, saving lots of money. That's the only place I don't usually use a handler. Good luck.
Let's say we were looking at 5 days a week for 4-5 months. Still a $1000 handling fee?
Let's say we were looking at 5 days a week for 4-5 months. Still a $1000 handling fee?

Once you learn the process you can start doing it on your own. First few times, use handler, and meet the actual guy who helps you in Mexico. Get his email and # and you can start cutting out UVAir from the process
Thanks. We have the email/#.

This doesn't sound as difficult as I though it would be.

Do you know anything about Mexican user fees (airspace/airport fees)?
Just like here in the U.S., these things vary from city to city. Will you be flying to the same destination each time? You won't need a handler for the popular sun destinations, but you should be prepared to "take care of someone", in that tips will be expected. I know of a pilot who decided not to use a handler or tip. Thing went down hill for him at that point. The fuel truck arrived way after departure time and with pax on board at this point. He wasn't able to run his a/c system because apparently a GPU wasn't available (non-APU aircraft) and then to top it all off, when calling for clearance his flight plan turned up missing and he had to shut down and refile. Pax got back to the U.S. and the first thing they did was give him the boot. Seems they cared little for saving $100 on a few tips here as compared to actually leaving on time.
I concur with the tips. Bring an ice chest of cokes also and give it to the fuel truck guy and the soldiers that come out. 5 bucks (50 pesos) to the fuel truck guy is plenty. Don't tip the entire airport staff, but tip whoever clearly helps you.
Something to think about. It is possible to buy an "annual landing permit" for $555, for a specific airplane, good for multiple entries over a year. As you may know if you decide to go with a one time landing permit (about $250, as of last month) you will need to copies of Airworthiness, A/C reg, pilot Certs, Mexican Insurance, Gen Dec, Trip itinerary. I ALWAYS make copies of my Pilot Cert, Med, Passport before I go. I NEVER let them take anything to make copies (you may not get them back!) They will give you the GHC-001, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! You will need it to file out of there. Like others said though, use a Handler the first few times. Also, remember to set QNE climbing through 18,500, and QNH descending belowe 19,500. Where are you going?
Get the multi-entry permit, yes. Also make sure you have valid Mexico insurance on the airplane, DGAC will want to see it when you go to file your outbound flight plan.

FYI one airport may be different than another. You think our Customs is bad, with one office doing things diff than another? Mexico is similar. Just roll with it and wear a smile.

Say "Hola" and "Gracias" and that will buy alot of points.

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