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METAR question

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
What does the "COR" mean in this METAR I downloaded this morning? The rest of it is easy, I've just never seen the COR before.

METAR KPDX 071455Z COR 28004KT 1/8SM R10R/1600V2000FT FG VV001
04/04 A3057 RMK AO2 SLP349 T00390039 51009
...and the answer is....

12.6.4 Report Modifier (AUTO or COR). The report modifier, AUTO, identifies the METAR/SPECI as a fully automated report with no human intervention or oversight. In the event of a corrected METAR or SPECI, the report modifier, COR, shall be substituted in place of AUTO.
COR means the automated weather observation was corrected by someone. Example....AWOS Reports 1/2 sm vis an vv001 when the tower can see its clear. The tower would correct it manually.

Good Question, I had forgotten, had to use DynCorp Duats to translate it.

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