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Metal Free Shoes

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Airline Pilot27

High Speed... Aww shut up
Nov 27, 2001
Bostonian makes a line of shoes called the "Classic First Flex". This line of shoes is metal free and their "Akron" style looks pretty slick too. Just thought I'd share as I am sure all of you are also getting fed up by the TSA hasselers.

Anyone else find a good metal free shoe.

PS when you do get frisked make sure to let out a little pnuematic pressure....I have found the best time to be when they are searching the ankles from behind
Doc Martins, I get through every time now.
Love the idea of releasing excess pneumatic pressure from the #2 dump valve.:D
I have noticed that when being frisked/felt-up around my left calf they usually run their fingers over and put pressure on the squat switch, which as we all know opens the outflow valve automatically and, well, it happens.......oops
For those of you who still have metal shoes, I have been instructed in a technique that works like a charm.

First, rid yourself of all metal that is removable. This gets your total metal threshold near the lowest level of detection (the magnetometers are set to alarm anything above a certain level). Then when you approach the machine, step THROUGH it rather than in it. In other words, time your steps so that you don't step inside the machine, but rather right before it and right after it.

Works every time.
I just smile and take my shoes off. When I was flying a bunch of cruise line passengers last winter a lady handed me a dollar bill and started humming a one of those strip songs. She said keep it going baby. I should have dropped my pants...........
Rockport shoes.

I wrote an e-mail to Rockport asking them which of their shoes do not have metal shanks or nails. Here is their reply:

At 03/06/2002 01:12 PM we wrote - Thank you for contacting The Rockport Company! We do not use nails in the production of our shoes. The following collections do not have a steel shank.

Grand Cru
Contemporary Dressports
Via Vento

Some of the styles have metal decorations such as buckles.

These are all collections of mens' dress shoes.

Thanks again for contacting Rockport!

I wear a pair of Ecco's that don't have a metal shank either but don't know the model/style.
Great advice on shoes and metal detector technique.

However, if you get random searched and the wand goes off at your feet, it's probably the rebar in the floor. I had to have my shoes X-rayed in Cincinnati and asked the TSA guy how my shoes (not a bit of metal in them) could have set off the wand. He apologized and explained that the rebar sets off the wand and they know it does, but if the wand goes off, the shoes get X-rayed.

Didn't look like he was enjoying checking out everyone's sweaty socks, and he was very polite and professional. Made it less of a bad experience.

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