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Mesaba's actions against furloughed pilots

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Well-known member
Jan 13, 2004
in short, mesaba is making furoughed pilots with under one year to pay for their training. In the past, they were not concerned with what furloughed pilots did, whether they left or stayed. Why are they different now? I feel that the indication means that they will be shortly calling these pilots back, but they do not care how they will survive until they are called back. This is so irrisponsible and something needs to be done about these immoral business practices.

Hey, and about the proposed (not official yet) concessions! I say that if they even ask for .01 we walk and show some balls. Who cares if its not legal! This bankruptcy is fabricated by NWA and our executives, why does not ALPA do something about this ? unite all the pilot groups together, (now its a farce) How can these airlines be smarter than us? they are using the government to do their bidding? SOme former lawyer who was oon the payroll of the airlines who is now a judge is going to make me take a pay cut to below what i make now and its already at an industry low? Any ideas people? social revolution against industry hahahahahahahahah
Simply don't pay the training contract. It's certainly not legal for the company to force you to pay since they are the ones putting you out of work. It's merely an intimidation tactic. Don't let them scare you.
I don't think the company is doing to be nice and keep people from leaving. Although I hope our furlough bros and sis' will be back soon.

Its simply a negotiating tactic.
Ya know, years ago (like 1997-1998) I seem to recall hearing that Mesaba tried to make some people pay their training contracts. Those pilots left on their own for other airlines, no furlough involved, and Mesaba couldn't make those training contracts stick.

If you are a 1st year pilot and they want you to pay, just ignore them. Don't tell them where to go, even though it's tempting. Just "ignore". By law, they can't say anything about it to a future employer, so don't worry about being blacklisted or anything like that, either.

The absolute worst scenario is 1-2 years from now you go to court and they make you pay the original amount. And I don't think even that would happen.

Good luck!

Screw those idiots - if they furloughed you, they can't make you pay your contract.

Most of those BS employment contracts are null and void when any of the terms of your employment change (ie work rules, pay, etc - I think being furloughed is definately a change in terms of your employment).

Just do like Flapjack says and ignore them - get an attorney if you have to - heck, even call ALPA and see if they might be able to help you.

If these POS airlines and other companies were worth a sh!t, they wouldn't have to have a contract to begin with, but that definately ain't - so they force their employees into indentured servitude.

Good Luck and P!$$ on training contracts (and PFT too) !!!

Actually, I'd like to see the source for this. Some of us that are to be furloughed checked to see if we could get out early (before the furlough) and both HR and the CP's said we were stuck until that date, but they said we can do whatever after that day. I'd like to see it hold up in court when they kick you off the job and then want you to pay the money back, they would be hard pressed to get the money even if you leave now. My buddy left Lakes early and just ignored them, and hasn't heard a thing for over a year. Just the info I've obtained.

So the new hires at Mesaba signed a training contract? What does it say in reference to leaving? I can't see how they could let you go (temporarily or permanently) and make you pay. It's not like it was the new hires choice to leave.
If you are on the furlough list, and you secure a job offer from another airline, I would leave this place in a heartbeat. If they try to make the contract stick, do what the other posts say and ignore it. Don't tell them where to shove or say anything else, just don't respond or tell them to contact the mec lawyers. In no way, shape or form would I turn down another opportunity for this psuedo airline.

I think the MEC even put out a e-mail that stated that they think enforcing the contract is no right and that expecting to be reimbursed for the lodging cost is illegal.

FOOK-UM they are forcing you on the street your not leaving by choice.
Everyone has it wrong. They are not furloughing pilots and in turn making them pay for the training they received. The deal is: A pilot sees his name on the Jan 10th furlough list and has another job which starts on Jan 1. Mgmt's position is they would be "quitting" their job at Mesaba to take on another job that begins before the official furlough date. Therefore, their poistion is the training contract would apply.

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