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I can't tell, Aircraft 27 is still in circulation. I have been flying my a$$ off the last couple of days and they have been trying to junior man me. I can't see it all going away next month.
Are they not removing all the Avros from service tomorrow? They probably have to make the company look bankrupt to get what they want. I wouldn't be surprised if they went down to a very low number of aircraft before things get better. The game continues.
FurloughedTwice said:
What is going on with Mesaba lately? Are they going to shrink?

Shrink? No, I'm not sure where you heard that. As a matter of fact, things are looking extremely rosy, and if you don't have your resume in, do so without delay. The company met with ALPA, and offered all pilots a $1000 bonus for the holidays. NWA just awarded us additional flying, and has 3,000 airplanes on order.

Oh wait, XJ management just offered us a 17% raise!

Things are on the up. Glad to have you back on the boards, FT.

Take care, TH

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