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Mesaba Status

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According to Air Inc:

Mesaba Airlines: 148/0/0. 2/0/0. Furloughed 2. No recruiting until further notice. Employment hotline (612) 713-6464. Check under employment at www.mesaba.com for available flt positions or to submit résumé online; attach résumé in word format... Routes: MSP-BMI/CMI, MEM-MLI 4/7. Seeking to stop service at KTVF/KATY/MCW... FAs, represented by AFA, & carrier reached tentative agreement 2/15; MEC approved deal 2/21; member ballots to be counted 3/26... Reported 45.3% LF thru 1/02, down 3 points from 48.3% LF thru 1/01... LAX JF-I.
On theemployee shuttle one of their FOs told me they still had 12 on furlough, but they were all scheduled to return within the next few weeks. No idea on future hiring, in contract talks right now.
Mesaba just brought back all but 12 furloughees. There is no return date for those still furloughed. No outside hiring until they are brought back. Just hope people start flying again - lots!

About a month ago a few people from Mesaba spoke at the flight school I teach at. According to them, hiring is forecasted to possibly start at the very end of summer. They still had a handful of people on furlough, but as previously posted, they are expected to be called back very soon.
I spoke with Tyson in H.R. a few days ago and also Scott Lindsey. Mesaba is in the process of restructuring their training department. They are currently conducting moch interviews also to develop their new interview process. Everyone has been brought back with the exception of those in class. Those will be the first to come back once the training department is up and going. Hiring forecast for Fall 2002. Loads are good according to pilots on both Saab and Avro.
There are 12 furloughed pilots at mesaba, and the reason why they were not called back was because when the were furloughed they were in the middle of class. Hiring status is unknown, but it seems like most everyone has an opinion when Mesaba will start hiring.

Heard mesaba only has 12 more left on furlough with the possibility of hiring in May or June.
slim chance any hiring this year

I wouldn't count on the hiring any time soon. every other month, NWA is replacing a mesaba flight with an express aircraft. we may be expanding to memphis, BUT in 2 months some of those cities are starting to turn Express/pinnacle CRJs. We are not experiencing any type of growth, along with a 2-5 pilot/month attrition rate. unfortunately it's more of a shrinkage period.
A good friend of mine just flew with the CP in MSP for a three day trip. He was informed there would be no training events (ie. upgrades, transition from one a/c to another) for the rest of the year. He also said there would be no hiring for the rest of the year either.

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