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Mesaba Song Dedicated to the Hop'

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Active member
Feb 12, 2006
Thought I would share this one with everyone here. Dedicated to one of the all time Mesaba greats and one of the best guys you will ever meet.
It's entitled, "Here's the Gig." and it's still a work in progress.

Whoa whoa whoa here's the gig I am lean and mean
I fly day and night cuz I'm a flying machine
With my posse in the sky and my homies on the ground
I'm flyin across the country at half the speed of sound
I got a FA tonight who looks a lot like Barney Rubble
And if she don't give me a cup of joe up here quick she's in big BIG trouble!!!
I keep my piece in my flight bag registered to the Hop
Any terrorist breaks down my cockpit door is gonna get a POP POP!!!
I apologize to all who have read this ignorant and useless post. On behalf of the entire Mesaba Airlines pilot group.
and may God have mercy on your soul....
me either? Explain....or rather...who cares.....do not explain
What the F has happened to our pilot group over the last two years? We have turned into a bunch of immature, autopilot reliant, I’m the captain, look at me in my uniform- take a picture and post it on Facebook, what do you mean I have to land on the center line, is it OK if I make right traffic, I don’t know how to do a back course fuc#ing morons. Sad, just sad.
Actually, I have the utmost in respect for guys like Hop and the other "old timers" who have been around here for awhile and the rap song was done just for fun and a couple laughs.

Guys like Hop, Rich Lawrence and Fran Einarson did quite a bit to help build and grow this airline and their efforts should not go unnoticed or unappreciated. They are all a bunch of great guys, too and we are very fortunate to have them around!

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