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Mesaba SAAB Question

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Sep 8, 2005
Hey i am trying to non-rev on a fairly full Saab from MEM to FSM next week and was curious if it would be able to take a full load of pax or is a route like that usually weight restricted? Thanks!
I haven't been on the Saab in over 3 years, but we never took a full load of pax and bags. Weight restricted to 32 seats with a load of bags. Hopefully for your sake they upped the weights with some new mod.
No weight mods have been done. At best I have seen 33 twice. I did hear recently of a flight that actually did take 34 plus a jumpseater but that was because there were 9 half weights and no alternate.
I carried 30 out of Marquette, which is blocked 12 minutes +/- more than FSM. 1200 lbs cargo 3200 lbs fuel, with CLE as an alternate. The FMS had us just over 29000 and the pda (computer wt and balance) put us in at 28800. I know we had a couple of half weights on board. I'm pretty sure the max ramp wt out of MEM would be 29200
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