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mesaba interview

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hate it when i can't think and type at the same time.... lets try it again.. 9/9
Good luck to ya!

Whatever you do, don't sound like you're deserving of a job on this board. Some people get POd if you think you have put in dues.

"Back in my day, they didn't hire ya unless you were 59 and-a-half! They wanted you to have at least 5000 hours of 121 PIC before they'd give you your first airline job. We had to fuel the planes ourselves! And the fuel was wooly mammoth steaks - cause we flew pterodactyls with chairs strapped to their backs! And we loved it!"

Mesaba is a fun place to work.
sounds good...its all about paying dues...we all do it because we want to, not because we have to. good luck and we'll see ya there

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