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Mesaba Interview - Class Date Question

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Irish Pilot

What An Industry
Feb 22, 2005
Im gonna throw my stuff in for an interview but the problem is that I have some serious events at the end of September and into the second week of October.

Should I submit my paperwork now and hope for an interview in the next few weeks and then just try to ask them for an October class date or would it be in my best interest to wait until October to submit my stuff. How long will they be hiring into the CRJ? (With 15 coming it has to be through the end of the year right?)

Or...how long does it take to get an interview? If I submit my stuff now might it take a few weeks to get an interview date?

Any advice or thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Pretty confident on getting an interview, and getting a job there, huh? And if its not for the CRJ, you might as well turn it down, since well, you are to good to fly a prop, huh?

Just apply, and maybe your app will be just one of the few they pick, and if you do ace the interview, show some humbleness and fly the Saab. You will be a better pilot for it.
Eesh! A little sensitive and touchy today arent we!? Im currently flying a turboprop and am very happy doing it. I swear some people lurk around these boards just waiting to attack people....so I guess I should have expected a response like that lol. You think you could be any less aggressive than that?

Actually Im hoping to get an interview and a job and will feel very fortunate and lucky if I do....but the truth is when you are asking questions about a potential job you pretty much have to pretend you are getting the job right? Hard to ask questions if you arent confident that you have a shot at getting the job!

If you fish around the board a little you will find that my intention is to get back to MSP. Im not hard up for the CRJ....but if I had my choice I know what it would be :) I would assume yours would most likely be the same.

Ill take whatever they give me and with a smile as well. I want to get with a great company that I can possibly make a career with...its an added bonus that they have a base in my home state. If equipment was my priority I would be running off to Skywest or Comair with the rest of the guys at my company.

Geez....give me a break. You know...the reason I feel I cant post questions like this on this board is because flightinfo.com is full of my peers of which we all have different experiences. When we post a question around here we are hoping that our peers who have "been there done that" or know something that we dont that they may pass along some helpful info.

If you dont have any helpful info to pass my direction at least spare me the thread hijack and PM me your negativity. Why would you post something like that lol? BTW I noticed thats your first post....welcome to the board. It usually is a great place to get info and questions answered. ;)
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New hires don't get a choice of A/C. They go where they are told to go. You can bid out after three years or upgrade. Upgrades are 4+ years currently, but that will come down some.
Irish Pilot, I have a friend who just applied and got the call for an interview in less than 48 hrs. Interview date that was offered was about a week later. Anyways, good luck.
I would submit the stuff now and if hired ask for an october class. If you wait they may fill the Oct classes before you get a chance to interview.
Irish -

The first step into getting a class date is interviewing! I would highly suggest you put your stuff in, get an interview and then get the job. With that under your belt I bet HR would be willing to work with you.

When I got hired several years ago they wanted me in a class that was not going to work for me and exiting my current job at the time. They were totally cool with it, put me in the pool and called me the following week when they were filling the next class. Classes seem to be running at least twice a month for the next several months.

Good luck and hope to see you onboard at XJ soon.

L.Skywalker said:
Had my resume walked in by a mainline FO last May, still no call, but I would be delighted to get a Saab spot.

How would a mainline NW pilot be able to walk a resume in at Mesaba? I can see maybe if he was a former pilot there and still knew some people but barring that his qualifications wouldn't carry any weight.

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