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Mesa Recalls?

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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
I heard from a very reliable source that Mesa has recalled a rather large group of their furloughed pilots. Can anyone give details? How many recalled? How many remaining on furlough? New aircraft deliveries? Any firm details would be great. Thanks.
I believe they've brought over 100 pilots back out of the 350+ furloughed. I know my numbers aren't exact, but they're close enough.
I have to admire your optimism! You never quit! Yeah, I heard they were junior manning, just for CA's though. Still overstaffed on the FO side...I haven't looked at the training schedule lately, but maybe there are more 120 folks getting trained. I have to admit though, it is a somewhat positive sign. Low staffing levels mean early recalls. My bet still remains late '02 (Nov-Dec), or early '03. That's just my gut talking, though. Hopefully the new contract will get some work rules going that will require higher staffing levels. I'd rather stay out longer for those work rules, in all honesty. Then maybe we'd see some reasonable upgrade times.......argh....Too many variables, cranial pressure increasing, cerebral cortex approaching melt-down, brain preparing for dramatic (and messy) explosion.

The training schedule shows ATR (and 120 I think) guys going to training through August. I'm with you on the end of 2002 still, except I think we will see October for the beginning. Take care of that brain, you'll need it to find your wallet when we go to the Saltgrass.:D

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