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Mesa recall...

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That's great news!!! Do know how will still be out on the street after this recall, just curious. Thanks
Mesa recall..

We started with 315 or 316, if they call back
the 100, that should be all that's out there.
Mesa should be interviewing and hiring shortly,
given with all the jets that are coming.
Keep your eyes on the Freedom Air.
Mesa Recalls

Will they be hiring into the B1900's after all the Pilots are recalled?

Is Freedom Air going to be another MESA Air Group airline? What are managements intentions in creating this new airline?

Any word on the aircraft type for Freedom?
I'll believe it when I see it.

I am not going to hold my breath.

There have been so many rumors that have come from "the man in charge", "the big cheese", "a well placed source", "the training department" and "the person who would know" regarding recalls and so far the only rumor that has come true are the ones saying there would be no recalls soon.

What is the supposed time frame of this recall?

Also Mesa furloughed in the vicinity of 320 pilots. So far they have recalled 115. Recalling another 100 still leaves another 105 pilots on furlough.

Knowing Mesa they will recall all of the guys into the Beech, thus seat locking them for a year (you can upgrade but you will be locked for a year after the upgrade) and then hire all the new guys into the jets. If Mesa had a decent contract where first year pay, regardless of equipment, was equal, it wouldn't be so bad. But when guys junior to you are making more money to fly a jet and you can't bid over, it sucks. And when they get commutable bases and you don't, it sucks even more.
NEDude, I hear ya. Let's hope for the sake of all regional pilots out there they don't do that(recall into the beech, that is). That's definitely wrong. Your also right about the the first year pay. Besides they should leave that fast upgrade in the 1900 to some outsider like me! Seriously, it's great to be complaing about what we're complaining about, that means someone's going back to work with the promise of more to follow. Hope more Mesa people provide info as they get it. Thanks!
NEDude, you better get your information from
somewhere else, you dont know what you're
talking about. You're calling the chief pilot,
d/o a liar. Talk to me you silly boy.
Folks, there may be a recall planned, nothing official in writing as of yet.

Everyone should watch this Freedom Airlines thing. Non union carrier, no pay rates on the table. You guys can figure this one out for yourselves.

The Mesa Airlines forum no longer exists. Thankfully.

We are short ERJ crews, recalls will be into what the company needs are at that point in time.

For all you furloughed guys, us line guys want you all back on line in whatever equipment, we can argue over pay and that later.

Remember, we are in contract negotiations.

See ya......

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