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Mesa Pilot Training

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May 14, 2002
Does anyone know anything about the Mesa Pilot Development program in Farmington, NM?
I am a CFI looking to get CFII and MEI and then finding a job teaching both.
What are your thoughts on Mesa Airlines and/or this program? I was told by their chief flight instructor that Mesa is starting to hire again and he will have instructors moving up/creating new instructor jobs.
Is it worth a move from Indiana? I just read a post claiming that jobs are easier to come by in the south and west.

I live "close" to farmington and have sent them a resume. I spoke with the chief flight instructor and was told the same thing. One thing to look at is what it takes to get the job 500tt 250 dual given and the CFII. The MEI I am told is not as important.

I have spoken with several of the flight instructors and they say the pay is ok. Most of them like it there. Farmington is a Great little town! Not only that but you get mountain and high altitude flying experience. Trust me when I say that 9800 ft density altitude makes a BIG difference.

If you have any more questions PM me I would like to know more about what you have heard.

Take Care!

Try and pm Bobbysamd, he knows everything you want to know about it and then some!!

Good Luck


I worked there nine years ago. In all candor, the three months I worked for Mesa were three too many for me. Of course, that was nine years ago and things change and the company has changed. I could not stand Farmington, but that was me . . . .

Having gotten that out of the way . . . I heard the quals are 500 total and 100 dual given, but my information may not be authentic. In any event, Mesa is unlike any other school at which you will instruct. You teach in A36 Bonanzas and B58 Barons. They were upgrading their sims from some pieces of junk I had never seen before I got there to something much better just as I was leaving nine years ago.

What I really liked and what I always wanted to do as a flight instructor was (1) for the most part you are teaching highly-motivated students and (2) you are teaching them airline procedures from the first day. That will help you down the line in a couple of ways, most notable of which is that Mesa Airlines hires MAPD instructors. You will know many of the Mesa line procedures when you begin training. If you go elsewhere, you will have had a good introduction to line procedures.

I remember that pay was $15 an hour, but this was 1993. It must be higher by now. I was making decent money at the beginning, but I was working much harder than I really wanted to work. Then, at the end of the term, I had virtually no work and many dead days. I wanted to go out of town but I couldn't because I could get called in. Along with pay, you get travel benies on Mesa flights. I don't remember if I got health.

Frankly, I didn't care that much for Mesa. Read my other posts. The long and short of it is that I was lied to during the hiring process regarding my eligibility for airline hire. I wanted to stop teaching ground school. I felt pressured to complete flights I didn't feel I should complete. I also felt pressured to fly airplanes that had questionable maintenance. I had a couple of problem types as students. Once again .... this was nine years ago, during the Larry Risley era and before ALPA came on the property. It might be different now.

Just like any place, MAPD has its pros and cons. Hope that helps. Private me if you need more.
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