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Mesa going to fly as United Express???

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Jan 30, 2002
Posted on the Mesa forum @

Anybody have more gossip/info on this????

From Aviation Daily today

United May Link With Mesa
For RJ,Turboprop Flying

United, which dropped Mesa Air Group from its
regional affiliations in 1998, has resumed discussions
with the Phoenix-based company, The DAILY has
learned. Both United and Mesa yesterday confirmed
ongoing negotiations that could lead to Mesa becoming
a United Express carrier for regional jet and turboprop
flying. United spokesman Joe Hopkins
termed the talks "exploratory" and "ongoing."
The move could be a boon to Mesa but would curtail
growth at United partners SkyWest and Atlantic
Coast. Mesa operates as US Airways Express, America
West Express and recently launched Frontier Jet
Express in Denver. Denver is doing great, and we'd
do nothing [with United] to jeopardize this, a Mesa
source said. A potential United link with Mesa could
save United money or bring it to breakeven faster,
since United'™s ACA and SkyWest pacts have 14-15%
margins, while Mesa's are in the single digits, according
to Morgan Stanley data. -MM
I have no info, but you get what you pay for. If this is true God help us all. This is not a reflection on the employees but of the Mesa managment style.:eek: :eek:

Having worked at MAPD briefly and having interviewed for the airline with Grady Reed twelve years ago, my only comment is the more things change the more they stay the same <sigh>.
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the whores are back. I thought they were destined to second rate carriers such as America West and US. Airways.

Aviation daily is the daily news from Aviation and Space Technology Week Magazine's daily news on the industry. You need a subscription....but otherwise a very solid magazine.

On this weeks CEO message (1-877-MESACEO) Ornstein mentioned that yes United wanted to discuss the possibilities as well.... should be good for Mesa especially seeing how succesful the Frontier flying is going.
I have herd that they will be flying in the North West. And SkyWest will be closing down PDX all together by the end of the summer season? But who knows??? United doesn't even know what they want when they get up in the morning. Myguess is that AirWisky may want some out of the far West and United did not whant SkyWest to do it all, so Mesa would be a thought out side of the box. I am begining to see the majors going to use several different carriers instead of just one, any one else see this pattern?

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